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During the 2016-17 school year, participants will be given access to the following tasks in Observation Engine:

  • Scoring Study 1 (SS1): a one-video observation where participants are to rate all observable NCEES elements
  • Element-specific lessons: short video clips focused on one specific NCEES element (17 lessons available with 2 clips for each observable element)
  • Scoring Study 2 (SS2): after completing SS1 and engaging in rating practice through the element-specific lessons, observers are to complete a second scoring study with a different full-length video and score all observable NCEES elements

Observation Events

Scoring Studies

  • SS1 "Pre-test"
  • SS2 "Post-test"


  • Two full video lessons lasting an entire class period
  • 17 mini lessons that are element specific and lasts 4-8 minutes
  • (The elements lessons are the 17 observable elements located within the NCEES rubric)