Elizabeth City Pasquotank/ Washington

Below are resources to introduce or better understand the OCT process

OCT performance reports can help you identify Standards that need additional understanding.

Scoring Study 1 Aggregated Report 11.14.16
State data for participants who completed the Scoring Study before 11.14.16.

OCT Scoring Study 1 Results Overview
Recorded webinar reviewing the OCT Scoring Study 1 results for 2016.

Elizabeth City Scoring Study 1 Report
Washington Scoring Study 1 Report

Note Guide

Calibration Protocol

Standard 4b - Video 2

Resources per Standard

Below are Principal READY interactive agenda pages for each standard represented in the OCT. Each page has presentations, activities and resources to support the exploration and deeper understanding of the NCPTS

Standard 1

Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4

Timeline- information can be used to develop timeline by facilitator or solicit input to timeline.