Newton-Conover City Schools (NCCS) took a highly collaborative approach to the 2014-2015 OCT pilot. Heather Mullins, NCCS’s Chief Academic Officer, integrated OCT resources into the district’s biweekly principal meetings and customized a detailed schedule for completing activities in the platform, both as a group during the principal meetings and individually between meetings.

For the activities completed together, participants watched the video clip as a group, rated silently and individually, and then looked at the target scores as a group. They discussed misconceptions and deconstructed and analyzed the language of the NCEES rubric. Between meetings, participants were to complete element-specific lessons on their own.

Additional LEAs have had great results using a facilitated collaborative approach to the OCT. LEAs report that in additional to inter-rater agreement growth, the OCT provided a platform for rich conversations that supported a shared vision and better understanding of the Professional Teacher Standards